Upright display cabinet with static (RS) or ventilated refrigeration (RV) and tempered glass door. Available in three versions: with positive temperature (TN), low temperature (TB) or double temperature (TN-TB) with temperature control set at 18 / +5°C. One piece structure with ecological polyurethane insulation (HCFC & HFC free) foamed with C02 – 60 mm thick. lnternal and exterior base in white plastified sheet. Door with silver-colored anodized aluminium frame and spring. Decompression valve for frequent openings.Large handle for an easier grip. Double neon lighting positioned along the sides of the door. Main structure in carbon steel painted with epoxy powder with rollers for an easierhandling and two adjustable feet. Control board with electronic board. Two kinds of defrosting: stop compressor defrosting in TN version; hot gas defrosting in TB and TB/TN version. Drip try with automatic evaporation system. The ventilated versions (RV) are fitted with adjustable side supports for grids. In the static versions RS TB, the shelves are fixed, act as evaporator and are painted with anti-corrosion treatment. Arear iIIuminated ceiling light is positioned above the door